Acrylic Drawer

Medical Innovations CODE: 260-200-AD1
Transparent, vacuum-formed drawer manufactured from PETG material (polyethylene copolymer).
CODE: 260-200-AD1
CODE: 260-200-AD2
CODE: 260-200-AD3
  • Function

    Used as storage compartments in combination with the QCart storage and transport system.

  • Dimensions

    SMALL: L 540 mm x W 510 mm x H 40 mm CODE: 260-200-AD1 MEDIUM: L 540 mm x W 510 mm x H 100 mm CODE: 260-200-AD2 LARGE: L 540 mm x W 510 mm x H 150 mm CODE: 260-200-AD3

  • Cleaning

    To be cleaned with a solution of warm water with neutral soap, rinsed with water using a soft sponge. To be preserved under normal operating conditions (under 300°C).


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