Multi-functional LED Timer/Clock

Medical Innovations CTS6D4N-BR-00
Elapsed timer solution includes a LED digital clock, used in combination with a start/stop control panel, to start or stop the counting function; beeper, and hour and minute reset buttons. During emergencies, hospital personnel may activate the timer to start the count with the push of a button on the start/stop control panel.  
  • Function

    Used to allow nurses, doctors and emergency staff to perform life-saving treatments during emergency situations, in a timely manner.

  • Dimensions

    H 160 mm x L 640 mm

  • Cleaning

    To be cleaned with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine-based chemical.

  • Department

    Perfect solution for areas of a healthcare facility such as:
    • Operating Rooms, Emergency Rooms, Post-operative Area, Cardiac Areas, Intensive Care Units

    Can also be used for time-sensitive events such as:
    • Educational Testing, Seminars, Manufacturing Processes, Lab Testing, Recreational Activities


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